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peninsula with a thousand landscapes

Halkidiki is a gorgeous peninsular which is one of the most attracting places in Northern Greece. It is situated to the South of Thessaloniki Town and is a real paradise, which remained intact and bears no traces of new technology a ect. According to ancient mythology, in early ages, Titans lived in this Peninsula, and these were rivals of gods. During the battle with Titans Poseidon lost his Trident and this is how Halkidiki was formed. Halkidiki consists of three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos (which is a holy mountain for Christian orthodoxies).

Northern part of the peninsula boards with Thessaloniki area, through which it is connected with the continental Greece. Coast Line of the peninsular, which is about 520 km. long, forms four bays. To the West this is the Thermal bay, to the South these are Kassandra and Agion-Oros Bays and to the East: Strimonikos Bay. Halkidiki is 2,915 square kilometers big and has a population of 80,000 people. In summer its population becomes more than doubled. Halkidiki is the only part of Greece whose history dates back to 600,000 years ago, which is proved by the remains of ancient human being found in the Pet- rolana Stalactite Cave. Greek Mythology often mentions Halkidiki. It is considered that this is the fatherland of Giants and the place of their  ght with Olympic gods for the right to rule in the Olympus. Five star hotel Elinotel Apolamare located in wonderful Hanioti.
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