A house by the sea – make your dreams come true

Surely many of you have thought about buying a house by the sea. Greece is an amazing country where the hospitality of the locals is combined with a magnificent climate, a century-old history of the region, colorful traditions, incredibly tasty local Mediterranean cuisine and numerous beaches.

Everyone will find something special and unique in this country. It can be cosmopolitan and noisy Athens, elegant Thessaloniki, or a small village, lost high in the mountains. The thing that remains unchanged is the magnificent Aegean Sea, which will entice you, no matter where in Greece you are.

The consequences of the crisis had little effect on the local way of life, and you can still see the smiling Greeks in the cafe on the embankment, savoring a cup of scalding freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps the most important consequence of the decline in local economic development is the decrease in property prices, which has brought the dream of a home on the seashore closer to the reality. And if before it seemed that you can afford a small studio - it is worth reviewing your capabilities, most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Probably, it is difficult to decide on the region of Greece, because in each of them there is a zest. Rhodes, Crete, Attica, Peloponnese, or Halkidiki? There are a lot of choices on all these destinations. Prices, of course, fluctuate depending on the size of ​​the object and its distance to the sea. You can get acquainted with the rich collection of real estate options in Greece online. You can set the type of the object: studio, house, townhouse, villa or apartment; select a region, the distance to the sea and set the price range of your interest.

weThe EllinDom company organizes special real estate tours, where you can see with your own eyes all the objects offered on the site. If you are already in Greece, you can devote some time for the guided tour, where you will be told about all the intricacies of purchasing property abroad. The process of buying is pleasant and easy, as the company provides all the necessary legal support. On request, EllinDom can take on the maintenance of the object, paying bills, cleaning the territory and even renting your house or apartment when you are not in Greece.

Greece – welcome home!