Greek corner for breakfast at Elinotel Apolamare 5*

Every region of Greece, depending on the climatic conditions, the soil, products and the historical interchange of its inhabitants, has formed a particular gastronomic culture and local cuisine.  

The “Greek Breakfast’ gives the opportunity to the  guests to discover and enjoy the customary breakfast specialties of the diverse regions of Greece, gaining firsthand knowledge of local products.

The “Greek Breakfast” is the inspiration of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels  and showcases many of the Greek products at the heart of the Mediterranean diet.

Our hotel Elinotel Apolamare 5* in cooperation with the community of Halkidiki has its own local dishes and products to offer to its guests every morning. You can taste products in our Greek corner such as : Mountain Tea, Orange cookies, Flower honey, Olives from Halkidiki, “Feta” cheese etc. and Dishes like : Village style Sausages, Cheese pie, Kasseri and Fig spoon sweet.

The Greek Breakfast at Elinotel Apolamare 5* is a chance to experience the tasty dishes of a locale and explore regional gastronomy of Halkidiki. You’ll discover local specialties, products and recipes; some so treasured they’ve barely left the family kitchen.