Greek Wine

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. The earliest evidence of Greek wine dates to 6500 years ago, where wine was made on a household being the second oldest wine making country in the world. Greek culture and the worship of the God of Wine Dionysus spread the love for wine across the Mediterranean areas. Greek wine was considered as a high prestige drink by the Romans and was imported to them from Crete and Monemvasia at a high price. Hippocrates used wine for medical purposes.

The most reputable wines of ancient Greece were Chian, Coan, Corcyraean, Cretan, Euboean, Lesbian, Leucadian, Mendaean, Peparethan wine, Rhodian and Thasian. Wine was also important for ancient Macedonia.

The main wine growing regions today in Greece are:







7.Zitsa (Epirus)

8.Ionian Islands

9. Naoussa

10. Peloponnese

11. Thessaly

The wine varieties are the Red Wine and the White Wine.