Pine wine is a miracle of Greece

Retsina is a traditional Greek wine with pine resin. For many centuries it has been the most famous type of Greek wine, while its glory overshadowed many other famous Greek wines.

Retsina had been produced in these places for thousands of years, as evidenced by archaeological finds, as well as numerous written references to the production and consumption of resinous wine, as it was called in ancient times.

The main reasons for using pine resin were: the proximity of pine forests, from where it was possible to extract resin, to vineyards; the practice of sealing bottles and coating the internal surface of amphorae (vessels for storing and transporting wine) with pine resin, to prevent wine from coming into contact with air; adding resin for better storage of wine and because of its special flavor.

To produce white and less often pink wine, they add Pinus Hallepensis pine resin. The resin is removed after, leaving only its light fragrance. The wine of good quality is defined by the characteristic balsamic scent of pine and grapes. A subtle sense of astringency gives a refreshing taste of almost sparkling wine, which makes it an ideal companion for dishes of traditional Greek cuisine.

Today, it is one of the most popular wines, since its low price definitely increases its consumption. Retsina is easily combined with various soft drinks and various dishes. This wine is also called a "drink of students" because of its low cost, thanks to which it can be found at every party.

The new generation of Retsina wine differs with some aristocratic image trying to return its former glory. Beautifully designed bottles with an amazing transparent caramel drink will cost a little bit more. Even if you do not like this unique, traditional sort of wine – it is definitely worth trying!